Flower Grafix

About Flower Grafix


a graphic design firm that stands out from the crowd



Flower Grafix is a boutique graphic design firm creating custom solutions for small to mid-sized businesses. The custom solutions start while actively listening to the client and understanding the specifications of each project. Throughout this process, Flower Grafix maintains open communication, meets project deadlines, and gets the job done!  

Sheila Kwiatek is Flower Grafix's owner and senior designer with many years of design experience in New York City and Houston. She works with a talented team of independent specialists who have helped her create exceptional solutions for a wide range of projects.

Sheila began in retail advertising at Macy's in New York, and then started her own business designing mail order catalogs, corporate promotions, and every other type of marketing materials. After moving to Houston, Sheila went back to college to learn web design, and now has a solid portfolio of unique websites. She continues to work on complex print projects like the yearly Wings-Over-Houston Airshow publication since 1999, and the biannual Arkansas Senior Resource Directory for the last six years. Sheila has been the principle book cover designer for Rothstein Publishing since its founding, and supports their publications with email marketing campaigns. Please read the testimonials from clients who kindly wrote about their experience working with Flower Grafix.

If you are thinking seriously about finding the best graphic design firm for your next project, consider the experience and integrity of Flower Grafix and contact us now.