Website Design Trends for 2014


It’s time to give your website a new fresh look
Is your website looking tired and worn out? Are you looking for a fresh idea for a new website? Check out the latest trends in web design. There are new animation techniques that can replace your troublesome Flash animation. Are customers and clients having a problem viewing your website on their smartphones and tablets? Your business will grow if you have a web app for these devices. To be competitive in business, you need to keep up. Generally, your website should be updated or redesigned every 2-3 years. Look at it as an opportunity for renewed focus on your sales and marketing strategies.

Single Page website
Great for smaller websites, but not for complex and content rich websites. Single page websites lead the visitor through the information in a linear format that is easy to navigate and keeps the focus on the message. Keeping the content “above the fold” is no longer as important as it once was. Great for viewing in mobile devices where scrolling is a natural way to view information.

Flat UI

One of the biggest changes in website design is the new look of the user interface. It has evolved from a realistic look to a simpler, more basic design. Just look at the icons and graphics on Windows 8 and the new Apple IOS for an example of the flat UI.

Fixed Header Bar

I hate looking at a website that makes it difficult to navigate through their web pages, don’t you? Most website navigation is in the header with the logo at the top of each web page, and the visitor has to scroll back to the top to get to another page in the site. Many sites are now fixing the header to the top of the browser window so that no matter where they are, visitors can easily navigate through the website.


Flash is no longer the dominant format for website animation due to security issues on mobile devices. Along with Silverlight, these formats are also slow and can’t be indexed by search engines. If your website visitor is using an Apple mobile device, they can’t even view these types of files. Javascript, HTML 5, and CSS 3 are the newest techniques for animation.

Parallax Scrolling

This is another type of animation that can enhance a website. The background seems to be scrolling at a different pace than the content placed in front. The viewer is sent on a journey of sorts, where they scroll down, down, down to see the changing content of the website.

Large Backgrounds

Now that most visitors have faster internet connections, large images load faster. If appropriate, a large image can enhance the viewer’s experience of your web design.

Video Backgrounds

New browsers can now implement video backgrounds smoothly. Like large background images, they aren’t the main feature of the web page, but simply support the design and content.

Responsive Web Design

With so many people viewing websites on mobile phones and tablets, your current website may not get the attention of these users. One of the most important trends in web design is to utilize existing content and have it respond to the resolution of any device. So no matter what, your website is working for you and your business.

Four Marketing Solutions To Improve Traffic To Your Website


Start or Revive Your Newsletter
This is a great way to bring customers back to your website by sending out new information about your service or products. It can increase website traffic 2-3 times your normal daily average. Increasing views help to sell your brand and you website to clients and customers that are happy to learn about a new product, or what you’re doing in the community.

Add New Content Or Start a Blog
New content is one of the best ways to keep your website up to date and relevant to visitors. Readers don’t want to visit a site that doesn’t have updated content. If your site content hasn’t been updated or changed within the last month, you should think about doing a blog. Not only is this good for search engine optimization purposes, but it also gives your client-base a reason to continue to return to your site. You know you’re a professional in your field, but blog about it to help win over your readers

Add Share Buttons
Share buttons are great for news articles and events, allowing visitors to share content on your site with their Facebook friends, Twitter followers, and other avenues of social media. Share buttons allow your visitors to essentially market your content to their social spheres…and you don’t have to lift a finger! This helps drive traffic to your site and get your message in front of others.

Get Started on Social Media
Along with adding share buttons and starting a newsletter, social media can help expand your audience and message. Sending out content with your organization’s Facebook, Twitter or Instagram accounts can help place your brand in front of your followers and help you create new ones. Social media also helps make it simple for your followers to interact with your organization and share your organization’s posts with their followers.

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